The Indochina region is not only well-known for the vibrant culture of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam but also because it is home to thousands of delicious dishes. The food of these three countries has always been listed by travelers as must-try food!

Around the world, you can meet the Vietnamese shop with the legendary “Pho.” Or you can easily hear the stories of the inviting cuisine in Laos and Cambodia like the Khausoy. However, these dishes are processed and served in a very unique style: street food. Let me discover the culinary experience only exist in the Vietnam Cambodia and Laos itinerary.

Get Lost In Phnom Penh

Cambodian cuisine is diverse with dishes reflecting the shining Khmer culture. One of the places that worth the visit to Phnom Penh is the Orussey Market. This is the busiest market in this bustling city with food counters locating to its the west. Besides fried scorpions, Brohet is a must-try dish. This dish is made mainly from pork or crab meat and is put on skewers to fry.

vietnam cambodia and laos itinerary

The most popular experience, however, is walking around the city and enjoying the food on the street. You will easily see the tuk-tuk drivers eating delicious Nom Banh Chok on the corner. Or the office workers are lining up to buy Num Pang. Try joining them if you can!

Don’t Underestimate Laos Food!

Laos can be a very peaceful country, and it will not have many bustling amusement parks. But anyone who has come to Laos have to admit one thing. The idyllic food here is different (in a better way) from what they know when travelling around Vietnam and Cambodia.

vietnam cambodia and laos itinerary

Lao people like to eat in the aisle instead of restaurants. The first is because they are familiar with their way of life and it is also because they are so delicious! In all the cities of Laos, you will quickly see the cars selling Ping Gai or Khausoy.

The thing I love when sitting down on the plastic chairs in the street is that I have the real opportunity to experience the life of a Laotian. Street food in Laos is not just simple meals. For many, it is the open the door to get to know the country and its people.

The Famous Food Tour of Hue

This city of several World Heritage Sites attracts millions of visitors each year. It is not only because of the historical and cultural sites but also because of the famous cuisine.

vietnam cambodia and laos itinerary

Hue city is called a gastronomic paradise of Vietnam and is included in several Vietnam Cambodia Laos itineraries. The cuisine of this city was strongly influenced by the feudalism of the former in Vietnam. So you will find that the dishes are very sophisticated and well-designed. The way to enjoy these dishes should also require people to know a bit about the indigenous culture.

Said to be influenced by the royal lifestyle, but Hue cuisine has extremely simple dishes. The dishes such as Bun Bo Hue or Mussel rice is sold throughout the alleys and sidewalks. Local people are very fond of street food as well. If you want to try and get the best taste of Hue, do it on the sidewalks!

To help travelers better understand the culinary culture here, many travel companies offer a unique schedule to discover street food in their Vietnam vacation packages.

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