Perhaps traveling with private tours to Cambodia and Vietnam is getting more popular than ever. Annually, these nations welcome millions of visitors coming to experience the pure beauty of Asia. Some may think there’s nothing to explore here, except a bunch of tourist traps. But do think twice!

Despite being exploited heavily for tourism, these two countries have done a great job of maintaining the hidden gems. The activity list below will give you a unique exposure of Vietnamese and Cambodian tourism.


Sapa is no longer a strange name for travel lovers, especially on the Southeast Asia travel map. For inbound tourism, Sapa is a great resort destination with cool weather and rich in culture. But for the rebellious hearts, trekking in Sapa is an experience that must be tried.

private tours to vietnam and cambodia

As a town located in the middle of the mountains, Sapa is surrounded by mist and beautiful trekking roads. Only about 30 minute walk, you have left behind thousands of tourists and majestic nature welcoming you with a breathtaking view.

The cost of participating in trekking tours is relatively cheap so you can add this activity to your Vietnam Cambodia trip itinerary.


The whole world knows about what the Khmer Rouge government has done to innocent people in Cambodia. Midnight screams, wildfire on the roads and scattered mass graves are memories that Khmer people will always remember about the darkest period in the history of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Of all the places where the Khmer Rouge used to imprison and execute war prisoners, Tuol Sleng, the S21 Prisoner, was a living hell. It was surprising to know that this Hellmouth was a high school for local people until the arrival of the Khmer Rouge.

private tours to vietnam and cambodia

The evil government at that time had renovated classrooms into cramped cells with the smell of blood and fears. With only four years, this force had ended the life of more than 17,000 people. Entering the campus of S21 prison, visitors will be shocked with documentary images in each room recreating the creepy memories of the past. The guillotine and torture tools are enough to make us feel overwhelmed.

People might think their private tours to Cambodia and Vietnam is leading them to a weird destination, but everything cloud has its silver lining. As a way to commemorate the innocent Khmer people, after the war ended, the prison was converted into a museum called Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum for research and study purposes.


The Mekong River that flows through South Vietnam not only provides silt and fertile water for endless rice fields here but it is also the source of life for the locals.

private tours to vietnam and cambodia

During your Vietnam customized tours, go to Can Tho, and don’t carry heavy luggage. A camera and a pleasant smile are totally acceptable! Head to Ninh Kieu Wharf, find yourself a boat, and with only 30 minutes boat ride, you will experience the most authentic life of the locals in Phong Dien Floating Market.

Phong Dien Floating Market is an exciting attraction at the confluence of the river and located about 17 km south of Can Tho city. Usually, the best time to visit this market is between 6 AM and 7 AM.

If you have read the interesting facts about these floating markets in the Mekong Delta, seeing is believing! The experience of wandering around those boats without any sense of direction is just extraordinary. Besides, for those who are adventure-seekers, try ordering signature dishes like the grilled mice won’t let you down!

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