Thanks to breathtaking landscape and distinctive cultures, Indochina is an ideal tourist destination for travelers all over the world. This place is home to numerous high mountain peaks that are worth conquering once in your Indochina tour packages.

Fansipan Peak, Vietnam – “The roof of Indochina”

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With a height of 3143m, Fansipan is the most outstanding climbing point in the Vietnam Cambodia Laos itinerary which is called the roof of Indochina. Conquering Mount Fansipan has become a wish for those who love adventure and majestic nature. On the way to conquer, visitors have the opportunity to discover the magnificent scenery of Hoang Lien Son range. At an altitude of 2,400m, you’ll feel like wind and clouds blend with the trees.

From the height of 2,800m, the cloud suddenly disappears, giving way to the clear sky, breezing wind, and green vegetation. Continuing, you will see a giant block of rock supported by small stones. There it is, Fansipan Peak!  Especially, admiring the magical scenery at dawn surrounded by clouds at the height of 2,800m is indeed an impressive experience for travelers with the trekking Mount Fansipan.

Pu Xai Lai Leng, Laos and Vietnam

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Phu Xai Lai Leng is lying on the border between Laos and Vietnam. With a height of 2720 meters, it is the second tallest mountain in Laos. Phu Xai Lai Leng is one of the ultra prominent peaks in Vietnam and Laos, suitable for those who get used to with craggy area.

The mountain appears like a majestic wall. Over the landmark 422, tourists can see Xieng Khouang on the other side. Also, Exploring Phu Xai Lai Leng is not simply climbing but also learning the cultural life of local residents with an ancient history of over hundred years. Na Ngoi commune is living at the foot of Vietnam with more than 5,000 people, of which H’mong people account for 80%.

Phnom Aural, Cambodia

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Phnom Aural is the highest peak of the Cardamom mountain range and also the highest one in Cambodia, located in the Aural wildlife reserve, about 150km from Phnom Penh. Three-fourth of the Cambodia territory is lowland and highland, so climbing to Phnom Aural will give visitors a very special experience in Cambodia tourism.

From the foot of the mountain, you will encounter rough roads, flooded roads, through the green grass hills, and low-leaf forest. The scenery is very beautiful with fresh air. Maybe Aural Peak is not gorgeous but the wildness of motherland can also touch the hearts of conquerors. In addition, the human being here is the most outstanding memory in the Cambodia adventure tour.

Khao Mokoju, Thailand

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Located in the premises of Mae Wong National Park, Mount Mokoju is a perfect place for those who are seeking for dreaming nature and airy space. If you have a chance to travel to Vietnam Cambodia and Thailand, it is a place you should not miss. It is one of the highest peaks in Thailand, which is 1,964 meters high. Tourists can climb to the peak from three to five days, but there should be the help of a trained local guide because the trek is extremely strenuous.

November to February is the best time here that you’ll trek through beautiful forests, sloping hills covered in white mist, and past Mae Riwa waterfall before reaching Mokoju. All create a spectacular view that no one can forget.

Besides tropical forests and islands, Asia has attracted a huge number of explorers and adventurers thanks to majestic yet peaceful, melodious scenery of mountains. If you find the article useful for your Indochina trip, don’t hesitate to like and share with others.

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