Besides the joy of discovering a different culture, taking beautiful pictures during the trip, tasting typical dishes of the locals, shopping souvenirs is also an essential part of the Indochina tour packages. The gifts help foreigners feel more connected and gain a better understanding of local life and culture.

However, coming to the Indochina with Vietnam Cambodia Laos itinerary, tourists are often confused as it is difficult to know how to choose a suitable souvenir. Read on the article below to know what you should get as souvenirs and gifts for you and your loved ones.

Vietnamese Conical Hat

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If you are making a plan to make a surprise for a lady staying at home, surely the most meaningful gift is the tender and dreamy Vietnamese conical hat. Attached to the image of a delicate woman, this item is not only a common item, but it can also be associated with the cultural life of Vietnamese women.

When giving a conical leaf hat to your loved ones, you can tell the enchanting related to it. This particular type of hat recalls the image of simple farmers. Holding a hat in your hand, you can imagine the endless ripening rice fields of the Mekong Delta, or imagine the young girls cycling on their way to school.

Silver Bracelets of Laos

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Laotian jewelry is a gift that tourists would love to bring home when they have the chance to travel around Vietnam Cambodia and Laos. There are several types of jewelry, but the silver bracelets should be on top of the list.

A unique thing about these silver bracelets is that they are crafted entirely with very local motifs. Spend about an hour around the markets in Vientiane or Luang Prabang to find yourself a favorite present. The ideal one should be the sculpted type of elephants, the symbol of Laos.


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Krama is a spectacular scarf with a checked design that is very popular in Cambodia. For the Khmer, this can be considered a symbol of luck and peace. So giving Krama to the people you care about also shows that you always want the best for them.
Krama is sold everywhere from bustling markets to modern commercial centers. You can choose a colorful scarf for about $ 1 only. A good Krama scarf is woven from soft cotton yarn giving a smooth feeling to its user.


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If you are a budget traveler or you would prefer compact souvenirs, think of the magnets. This is a reasonably cheap souvenir and is available everywhere. You can choose to buy magnets with pictures of the cities you have been to, famous cuisine or some lovely doll magnets in traditional costumes.
Things can get creative with this cute little stuff. You can make a collection full of magnets and give it to your loved ones. Alternatively, you can send these magnets home instead of using traditional postcards of Indochina tour packages.

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