If the British need a cup of Earl Gray tea every morning, the Vietnamese consider coffee an indispensable part of starting a new one. Rumour has it that trying Vietnamese coffee is a must when you plan a trip to Vietnam.

Coffee is not a traditional Vietnamese drink. Many people still think that an Asian country that shares borders with China like Vietnam must have paid more attention to tea than anything else. But why coffee though?

Every morning, there must be a glass of iced tea (Tra da) and a cup of coffee next to their be-loving breakfast! That tells us one thing: besides keeping their traditional drinks, the Vietnamese have accepted Coffee as a new best friend during the last few decades.


planning a trip to vietnam

Vietnamese style coffee very own. They do not consider coffee as a quick, wake-up drink other people do. For them, they enjoy coffee as a culture: sip and experience!

In the cafe, it is not hard to realize that there is a miniature world inside. Most Vietnamese people have a habit of going with their friends to a coffee shop and chat about everything. Business people love taking their partners there as well. Others choose to sit quietly in the corner, take a small sip and think of the meaning of life.

Vietnamese also have a strange way of enjoying their favorite drink: coffee on the sidewalk! This activity eventually have been added to major Indochina tour packages. Most people in this S-shaped country prefer to drink coffee on the street rather than in the shop. That experience is totally different. Gentle, casual and peaceful!


Initially, coffee had gone such a journey along with the French coming to Vietnam during the colonial period. This drink was meant to be reserved only for noblemen, French officials, or intellectuals in the city. Gradually, coffee has become a favorite drink in the lives of people.

planning a trip to vietnam

However, Vietnamese people do not like the original coffee recipes from Europe such as Espresso or Cappuccino. Big coffee chains in the world are not welcome in this South East Asia nation. The Vietnamese have created their unique style! A pack of cigarettes comes with a “Ca phe phin” means heaven!

“Ca phe phin” is a famous coffee mix of the Vietnamese. First, you need a coffee filter. By pouring hot water into the filter, the coffee will dissolve and flow into the glass below. This traditional mix gives us a robust coffee, but it is a thing that all private tours to Vietnam should have!

There are two main types of coffee: Black Coffee and Milk Coffee. Both have usually come with ice cubes. Black coffee is the type of coffee that is added to ice as usual. Meanwhile, Milk Coffee is what makes the tourists fascinated. Vietnamese do not use fresh milk to make coffee.

In contrast, they use condensed milk! This kind of liquid is very sweet. But surprisingly when mixed with coffee, it gives us an incredible taste.

The coffee varies in different regions. In the north, people drink less sweet and often drink strong coffee. Meanwhile in the South, due to the hot weather, people here drink coffee with lots of ice and milk.


If you have not tried coffee in Vietnam, then you have never come here. When planning a trip to Vietnam, make sure you got it. Vietnamese coffee is one of the magic drinks that create the pride of indigenous people. During your visit to this country, make sure your schedule allows you enough time to visit famous coffee shops in Vietnam. If you think of souvenirs, buy some coffee beans for your family!

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