When travelling to the peaceful land of Cambodia in the Indochina tour packages, visitors will be overwhelmed by the great works reminiscent of a time that this country was dominated by the brilliant Khmer empire. Architectural complexes such as Angkor Wat or the Royal Buildings over-shine the neighboring countries.

While wandering around numerous attractions in Phnom Penh, visitors might get caught in surprise by some of the unexpected destinations. The S21 Prison, the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek and many other places recall one of the darkest period of Cambodia.

The tailor-made Indochina tour packages would help you to understand the brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge.


In just four years since the Khmer Rouge government seized control of Phnom Penh in 1975, this brutal regime has claimed the lives of more than 2 million innocent people. Many of them were women and children!

Following the Fall of Phnom Penh event in April 1975, a deceiving communist government was erected by Pol Pot. Several horrifying and bloody massacres quickly buried promises of a peaceful and growing future for Cambodians. Pol Pot’s regime almost went against humanity in the 20th century when the Khmer Rouge dictator decided to bring Cambodia back to the Stone Age. Anyone who wished to develop the country would end their life with execution.

Not long after Pol Pot removed the education system and isolated his nation from the world, Cambodia’s economy fell into a crisis. Severe disease and terrible famine quickly took place, turning the country into a living hell.

Cambodia was free from the suffering in 1979. Peace is now covering the country with lots of Khmer Rouge relics being converted into tourist attractions.


Though peace has been set up for more than 4 decades, evidence of a painful past of the Khmer people is still preserved in the dim corners of Phnom Penh city. The exclusive Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary would take you to these horrifying destinations:

The S21 Prison – Tuol Sleng Prison

Cambodia’s most terrifying prison lies in a deserted neighborhood in Phnom Penh. Looking from the outside, the large 3-storey building is covered by high white walls and sharp barbed wires.

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Entering the gate, one of the first things visitors would notice is that the Prison cones with a strange looking. Previously, this work was a local high school. Pol Pot turned this institution into a prison with hundreds of torture room to serve the execution. Up on the highest floor, visitors can join the documentaries session that re-create the miserable situation that the Cambodians had once endured.

According to recent statistics, more than 17,000 people died inside the narrow cells of S21. When the Vietnamese liberation army entered the Tuol Sleng Prison, dozens of bodies were lying on the bloody floor.

Today, the S21 Prison has become an infamous Genocide Museum serving visitors with their Vietnam Cambodia trip itinerary that reminds the world of the infinite pain that Cambodians have endured. To encourage the youngsters to learn about the country history, entrance fee is free for students!

The Killing Field of Choeung Ek

Just about 30 minutes with a Tuk Tuk Ride during the Indochina tour packages, the killing field of Choeung Ek looks peaceful despite its horror name. However, as you keep walking in, a giant Monument with hundreds of skulls neatly placed inside will make you goosebumps.

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In the past, dozens of trucks carrying hundreds of people from Phnom Penh went to gather at Choeung Ek in the weekends. Underground of the site, more than one million people had been buried alive.

After a few minutes wandering around the site, a strange scene catches by surprise. Standing next to the pits, a hanging tree appears recalling a haunting scene: children were hung on this tree in front of their parents.

Indeed, the crimes that the Pol Pot genocide caused to the innocent Cambodian people are unforgivable. Now years have passed, but the pain remains in the many killing fields in Cambodia. And the Choeung Ek site will be a kind reminder to the next generations of how humanity has survived all the chains and tortures.

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