Buildings from the French colonial period an War Museums have long been Vietnam’s tourism symbols. For those who love the adventure, overwhelmingly famous places won’t excite them. Sometimes, getting a ticket to a hidden gem is like chicken soup for their souls!

Perhaps the Delta of the Mekong is something they think they should put down on their list of your Vietnam family packages. It is true that the region is widely known for cities such as Can Tho or Ben Tre, but the rustic beauty of the Delta is there to explore and only for those who want it. Let’s discover the real charm of the region through the comprehensive list below.

Tra Su Forest

Far from the hustle and bustle in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, Tra Su Melaleuca forest attracts visitors with wonderful things hidden deep in the woods.

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Located in An Giang province far south of the Mekong Delta, Tra Su is a typical wetland forest of the region. If in Ben Tre or Can Tho, visitors will visit the bustling waterways by boat, then in Tra Su, your trip to Vietnam will be like a journey to the Mother Nature.

Since the entire surface of the forest is covered by river water, the only way to explore the forest is by small boats. Only about 10 minutes paddling, the tranquil beauty of Tra Su is quickly replaced with a symphony of nature – the song of birds. Tra Su is home to 70 species of birds so it is also called the giant aviary.

Spending a day in Tra Su is like treating yourself with a good vacation. There’s no doubt that this bird sanctuary is one of the most magnificent resort in the Delta.

Cai Rang Floating Market

When coming to Can Tho, the night market, the historical monuments will undoubtedly excite the visitors. However, the most interesting thing is not on the busy streets, head to the waterways instead!

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The floating market is a symbol of the Mekong Delta. Among the familiar names, Cai Rang floating market is the exceptional market with promising experience to your Vietnam honeymoon tours.

In the early morning, hundreds of boats from the Can Tho area and Vinh Long gather to the confluence of the rivers forming an overwhelming sight. From a kilometer away, visitors can still feel the bustle transmitted from the waves of water. Shouts and laughter perfectly blend in together to create a joyful atmosphere.

Come to Cai Rang Floating Market, don’t expect much of the shopping since it might disappoint you. While this area only specializes in selling fruits and necessary things to the natives, the culinary experience will be a memorable memory for you. Dozens of boats with specialty dishes such as Hu Tiu, Pho, and even grilled mice will make you have to come back again.

The Fruit Orchards

The Mekong Delta isn’t a good place to hold a beach party. But people are not coming to the delta for that purpose since the Mekong has its pearls!

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Known as Vietnam’s largest granary, this area also has hundreds of endless fruit gardens waiting to be explored. To take advantage of this, regional provinces have turned their signature fruit gardens into Vietnam luxury holidays destinations to attract more visitors.

If you think that coming here you are only be able to try picking fruit and resting in a hammock, then think again! The fruit orchards are packed with unexpected experience. The visitors can enjoy the bike ride crossing the endless gardens while enjoying the fresh morning breeze. Or perhaps, a boat trip in your Vietnam family packages from garden to garden would calm your stress down!

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