When people think of places for their upcoming holidays, many of them list Vietnam and Cambodia in their wish-list. These two tropical nations are not offering a modern tourism industry full of scams and rip-offs. Instead, their hidden gems of rustic destinations are waiting for passionate travelers to discover.

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Visit the Floating Markets

In the South of Vietnam, the Mekong River is not only a vital source of life for the agriculture, but also, for the locals, their everything. Spending a morning with a boat ride crossing the waterways, visitors will get a chance to witness the rustic charm of the Mekong. Fruit orchards on both sides show off their fragrant scent while the farmers having their breaks on the hammocks. But perhaps the most spectacular scenery you would come across is the bustling atmosphere of the floating markets.

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From the early morning, hundreds of boats in Can Tho river gathers in the confluence forming a floating market. With a 30 minute ride away from the Ninh Kieu Pier, visitors can’t hold their excitement when they witness the real buzz of the Mekong. Enjoy a bowl of local dishes or do a quick shopping while you’re there. It’s totally worth it!

The Shiny Beaches in Vietnam

There is nothing greater than swimming in the cool water and enjoying the fresh sea breeze during the hot summer. With over 2000 km of coastline, Vietnam is known as a holiday paradise with dozens of beautiful beaches and idyllic islands.

travel packages to vietnam and cambodia

Prominent among the beaches in this S-shaped country, Nha Trang beach is a real gem in the Vietnam tour holidays program. Besides enjoying the turquoise waters, don’t hesitate to participate in exciting aquatic sports and activities. The experience of diving in Nha Trang is phenomenal as you can get a closer look to the corals lying deep in the sea bed.

For those who want a private tour to Vietnam with your loved ones to admire the vibrant sunrise, a ticket to Phu Quoc island is what you should have. This largest island in Vietnam impresses visitors with its charming beauty. The endless skyline blends into the bright golden sun reflected on the sea surface together, creating a majestic setting for visitors to admire.

Join the Tuk Tuk Tour in Phnom Penh

Among major destinations in Southeast Asia, Phnom Penh hides in it an untouched beauty. Come to the Penh on sunny days to experience the exotic culture of the Khmer. The best way to witness the real look of the city is undoubtedly through the prism of the Tuk Tuk and its city tour. More than just a means of transportation; the Tuk Tuk is an exciting adventure in your travel packages to Vietnam and Cambodia.

travel packages to vietnam and cambodia

The fascinating things are not the trip itself that goes around the cities but the journey to the rural of Phnom Penh. The exotic natural landscape gradually comes to sight while the Tuk Tuk car is entering small villages. Besides having a glimpse at the Cambodia beauty that lies under its fascinating cover, you would have countless memories with the villagers. The locals are famous for their hospitality so don’t be surprised when they invite you to have a meal with their family.

At the end of the day, the Monivong street certainly guarantees you a relaxing evening.

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