In these recent years, Vietnam has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in South East Asia, especially Vietnam honeymoon tours has received a lot of attention from both international and domestic travelers.

If you’ve once experienced Vietnam tours or any Vietnam Cambodia honeymoon packages, you’ll understand why this S-shaped country is so popular. The landscapes here are incredible with magnificent caves, vertiginous mountains, and peaceful beaches. Moreover, people in Vietnam are friendly, the price here is affordable, and the cuisine of this country will make us out of our mind.

If you’re wondering which destinations in Vietnam honeymoon tours appeared in the itinerary, then our post is what you’re searching for!

Co To Island – One step to the heaven

vietnam honeymoon tours

Situated in the Eastern side of Van Don Island, Co To Island is known as one of the ten most beautiful islands in Vietnam. With the silky sandy coasts, the crystal clear turquoise water, and the gentle waves, Co To Island is likened as a One-step-to-heaven destination.

Visiting Co To Island, not only can visitors enjoy the cooling sensation of beautiful beaches, but they can also explore Cau My Stone Reef which possesses thousand-year erode sedimentary rocks. The layers of rocks appear in different colors, shapes, and sizes, which turn the whole area into a vibrant picture.

Moreover, coming to Co To Island, you can also visit many other destinations such as natural forests, the lighthouses, fishing villages, and so on.

Halong Bay – The famous World Heritage

Known as a World Heritage, visitors indeed are familiar with the name of Halong Bay. With a vast range of magnificent caves and beautiful landscapes, it’s undoubtedly a must-visited destination when traveling to Vietnam.

Halong Bay possesses an extensive collection of islands and islets in different shapes and sizes; each of them is related to a magical tale or a historical event, which makes visitors feel extremely exciting. Moreover, there are a lot of tourist destinations around Halong Bay including peaceful beaches, laborious fishing villages, towering limestone mountains, and so forth.

Also, Tourism in Halong Bay is extremely well-developed with hundreds of services ready to serve even the fastidious customers. Coming here, we quickly find a lot of resorts, hotels, villas, bars, restaurants,…with high quality.

Cat Ba Islands – The ideal destination for people who like to move

vietnam honeymoon tours

In the past few years, Cat Ba Islands has become one of the most-visited destinations when traveling around Vietnam. With more than 367 surrounding small islands, Cat Ba Islands attracts visitors by its refreshing atmosphere, the ideal temperature between 25 Celsius degree to 27 Celsius degree, and a various range of sightseeing destinations.

Cat Ba Islands is a perfect combination of mountains, beaches, and forests, which turn it into the ideal destination for those who like to move. Also, coming to Cat Ba Island, visitors cannot skip the famous Cat Ba National Park which possesses many precious trees such as tembusu, chukrasia, yellow flame tree, Desmos Chinensis,…which are only found in Himalaya mountains.

n Cat Ba National Park, there are also more than 60 animal species appeared in Vietnamese Red Data Book which are claimed to be on the brink of extinction such as the white-headed langur, the Delacour’s langur, the collared crow, the black squirrel, etc.

In closing,

Above are some of the destinations, which are likely to be included in the itinerary of Vietnam honeymoon tours, Vietnam Cambodia honeymoon packages, and Vietnam tours. They’re all beautiful, romantic, and ideal for your honeymoon. Each destination has a unique beauty, which will definitely light up your holidays. So, don’t hesitate! Hurry up, and enjoy the perfect honeymoon in Vietnam now!

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