The honeymoon is the best time after the wedding. This is the beginning of your marriage life. Therefore, couples often spend a lot of time thinking about a place to organize their wonderful vacation.

To make your trip as meaningful and romantic as possible with your loved one, let’s walk through our top-rated places for remarkable Vietnam honeymoon packages.


vietnam honeymoon packages

Halong Bay is one of the ideal honeymoon destinations in Vietnam. Due to its popularity, many couples often include Ha Long Bay when planning a trip to Vietnam. The sweet memories they have here will surely make their honeymoon memorable.

As one of the seven new natural wonders of the world, Halong Bay promises an impressive honeymoon with a variety of luxury services. Most prominent is the experience of exploring the majestic limestone mountains amid the vast ocean on a luxury cruise. The feeling of being together with your loved one in the middle of an endless charm is captivating.

In the evening, the couple can enjoy a private romantic session provided on the 5-star cruise with local cuisine and the light of candles. For those who love adventure, you can choose kayaks to explore the hidden islands in Halong Bay.


vietnam honeymoon packages

Phu Quoc is a rare place in this world that has been awarded a breathtaking beauty from the mother nature. White sand beaches or glittering sunsets will leave unforgettable memories in the hearts of the newlyweds.

This largest island in Vietnam has a warm climate year-round which makes it become a frequent honeymoon destination in Vietnam customized tour programs. Coming to Phu Quoc, couples will have more private time together. The resort does not have many recreational activities that would interrupt their vacation.

To make the trip more meaningful, couples can experience exciting activities such as discovering Phu Quoc National Park or diving. Besides, you can also spend a passionate evening on the starry beach.


vietnam honeymoon packages

This World Heritage Site will be a great option for couples who enjoy the nostalgic beauty of time. Early morning cycling through the rice fields, watching the dawn behind the coconut will be the sweet memories you have here.

The city is famous for centuries-old houses. Hoi An ancient town is the most beautiful night when the streets here are brightly illuminated by the colorful lanterns. Stepping on these little roads, couples will have the sense of time going back to Vietnam of the last century.

Do not forget to try all the street food in Hoi An. This city has a lot of attractive dishes at relatively low prices such as Quang Noodle, Cao Lau and other delicious desserts.


vietnam honeymoon packages

Being the first choice for the Vietnam honeymoon packages, Sapa attracts many couples every year. This small town is not prominent with amusement parks or high-end resorts. But what Sapa has is the romantic memories of the rustic beauty of the mountains and the enchanting culture or the ethnic minority here.

Couples can enjoy adventurous trekking trips or visit indigenous villages together. Especially during the winter, Sapa will have snow so you can also consider going to Sapa at this special time of the year.

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