Hanoi Capital not only attracts tourists with numerous appealing spots but also offers loads of exciting things to do when the night falls. If you have the chance to take Vietnam customized tours, do not miss top joyful activities below.

Stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake

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As one of the most famous tourist attractions in every Vietnam luxury holiday packages, Hoan Kiem Lake never disappoints you when coming there, even in the evening. Strolling around the beautiful flower garden, you can slowly feel another Hanoi with the images of locals doing exercise, artists drawing pictures or groups of the young dancing. Stop for a while to see Tortoise Tower glowing in the middle of the lake, the ancient Ngoc Son Temple or The Huc Bridge. You can also enjoy street music of bands or artists with a variety of music. Do not forget to try some Thuy Ta ice-cream – a specialty of the capital

Visit Hanoi Night Markets

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It will be deficient if we do not mention Dong Xuan Night Market in this list where you can find various items from nearly 4000 booths with clothes, accessories, handicraft items, souvenirs, etc. This old town night market is always crowded and bustling. A lot of foreign visitors love this place due to its ancient scenery and stunning Hanoi’s specialties sold along the street.
It’s time for your stomach get full with green sticky rice of Vong village, bread, grilled meat by the sticks or fried dumplings.
These markets open from 7 pm to midnight at weekends on Dao Street, Ngang Street, Duong Street, Khoai Street, and Giay Street.

Have some beer at Ta Hien Street

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If Saigon has Bui Vien Street then in Hanoi, Ta Hien Street is the best choice for tourists to let their hair down at night.
Coming here, you will not find luxurious beer bars, but merely street-side bars with plastic chairs and tables and a lot of diners.
Ta Hien Street is a gathering place for many young people and tourists not only because of its vibrant atmosphere but also the reasonable price.  Besides the well-known “grass beer,” you also have the chance to savor tasty dishes such as fried rice, hotpot, grilled quail and cheese.

Head to Long Bien Bridge

vietnam customized toursLast but not least, Long Bien Bridge at night has long been a fascinating spot in your Vietnam honeymoon packages.
When the evening gradually descends, Long Bien Bridge becomes more sparkling than ever thanks to the bright electric lights. It can be said that the night is a time when the bridge molts the usual quietness to be a gentle and charming girl.

Along the bridge side, you can see a lot of young couples talking to each other and vendors selling lemon tea, iced tea, baked corn, etc. Standing on the bridge, you can immerse in the cool breezes while chatting with your beloved and feel how glamorous Hanoi at night is.

No matter when you visit Hanoi, this beautiful city will always treat you well with numerous thrilling things to do and explore. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further information.

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