In recent years, Vietnamese cuisine has become more and more popular on the tourist map. Travelers from across the ocean are flying to Vietnam with their hope to try the real taste of Vietnam. Despite being overshadowed by their famous relatives of Pho or Bun Bo Hue, the Vietnamese signature dishes below always draws a return to the Vietnam tour itinerary from tourists.

Let’s discover some of the authentic dishes to enjoy Vietnam culinary to the fullest.

Bun Cha – A Delicacy of Hanoi

As a super popular dish of Hanoi, Bun Cha attracted the diners, not by elaboration but because of its rustiness. No one knows the exact time this dish appeared. It is only known that Hanoi people are familiar with Bun Cha shops at the market intersection for generations.

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A proper Bun Cha needs three main ingredients: vermicelli, grilled chopped meat, and the special sauce. Among them, the sauce is the determining factor in the flavor of the dish. According to the Hanoians who have enjoyed this dish for a long time, the sauce must be a perfect mix of all the seasonings. It must have the sour, spicy, salty and sweet tastes taken from fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, garlic, and chili. Besides, the sauce must be accompanied by green papaya and carrots salad.

Bun Cha is a standout representative for northern cuisine. Along with Pho and the famous Banh Mi, this delicious dish is becoming a new face of Vietnamese cuisine as it recently appeared in the list of must-try food of CNN or BBC. All of the major Vietnam tour itinerary packages are now including Bun Cha in their daily menu.

Khot – The Rustic Dish from the Beach of Vung Tau

Banh Khot is one of the 12 Vietnamese dishes recognized by the Asian Record, and it is a typical dish of Vung Tau city. This exotic dish is made from mixed rice flour. It is fried in a mold with shrimp and served with vegetables.

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What makes visitors interested in Banh Khot is its simplicity and popularity. Almost in any of the alleys of Vung Tau, ladies are frying Banh Khot with their vendors on the sidewalk. For the locals, this is what they love to have when hanging out with friends and family.

Although it is a typical dish of Vung Tau, visitors can also enjoy the wonderful taste of this dish in other places like Saigon and the Mekong Delta.

Com Tam – The Infamous Broken Rice of Saigon

The broken rice is the signature dish of Saigon or Ho Chi Minh city. The first-timers might misjudge the taste of the dish when they see its name. The broken rice tastes just the same as the regular grain except for one thing: the size of the rice is smaller. And that is the only difference!

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During the milling process, some grains of rice get broken, which couldn’t be delivered to the market. In that case, farmers usually reuse these imperfect grains to feed their animals. However, the Saigonese have turned the broken rice into a flavorful dish.

Com Tam is what they have to offer travelers during the Vietnam vacation packages to Saigon! The broken rice shares the similar taste with the regular rice, so the distinctive flavor of the dish relies on the sauce and the side dishes. Getting to a Com Tom shop once and you would notice there is a wide range of selections. The recommended menu includes the rice with Suon (grilled pork chops) or the fried eggs.

Hu Tieu Nam Vang – The Incredible Journey of A Khmer Food in Vietnam

The Hu Tieu Nam Vang is a famous dish that you would encounter when traveling around Vietnam and Cambodia. Even though the dish can be found anywhere in southern Vietnam, it originated in the neighbor country: the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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“Hu Tieu” is a type of vermicelli coming from China. In the 1950s, Hu Tieu’s fever broke out in Saigon, and the dish quickly became a sensation all over the city. Among the best recipes of Hu Tieu, the Hu Tieu Nam Vang is considered to be in the top list that you shouldn’t miss during your Vietnam tour itinerary.

The dish originally from Phnom Penh with the word Nam Vang literally means “Phnom Penh” in Vietnamese. From the beginning, this dish comes with no complicated ingredients, only including vermicelli and pork.

Upon its arrival in Vietnam, the Vietnamese have turned it into their delicacy. The bowl of Hu Tieu Nam Vang nowadays is filled with shrimp, minced meat and sometimes even the organs of pigs.

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