When planning a trip to Vietnam, many local operators highly recommend Dalat as an ideal getaway. Someone compares Dalat with a type of wine aged for a long time. You need to sniff the wine, look at its color, and sip. Remember and enjoy the aftertaste of the wine and sip again. Through this correct way, you will acquire a truly delicious taste.

Coming to Dalat, soothe your mind, refresh your soul and relax your body, you will see why it is the city of enternal spring and love.

Dalat in history and culture

planning a trip to vietnam

In the 1890s, French colonialists established Dalat as an agricultural research station. This city is an elegant blend of French architecture with royal legacies and artisan influences, which is an outstanding highlight in Vietnam luxury holidays. To experience the rhythm of the daily life of Lach ethnic minority people and understand their remarkable rich culture, come to Lat Village. Their hand-woven brocade products are made with traditional technique and skilled hands. When roosters crow at the crack of dawn, the villagers wake up and start a vigorous new day. You can come to the coffee farms or flower gardens with them and see directly how they take care of plantations. It will be an impressive memory – give it a try!

For a quieter experience in the same area, allow yourself a moment to walk through the serene atmosphere in Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda. Head up the stone steps, contemplate three sandal-wood statues of Buddhist and find some peace inside your mind.

Dalat in love

planning a trip to vietnam

People call Dalat as “Le Petit Paris” because this hillside resort town can fulfill your flower city dream with the unique lifestyle in Vietnam. It is absolutely an ideal hideaway place for couples, where you can wander hand in hand with your lover on streets lined with pine trees, contemplate classic attractiveness of French colonial houses, go for a stroll in the strawberry gardens and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Lang Biang, the valley of Love.

The “mist city” is always in the top choices of Vietnam honeymoon tours and it became an exceptional charm of Dalat – a city is filled with sweet and romantic love.

Dalat in people

planning a trip to vietnam

The Dalat people live in a quiet natural environment and a cool climate. To them, big fluctuations in the war are almost all echoes and do not directly disturb their peaceful life in this highland area. Originally, the Dalat people have been gentle, honest, and nice.
From the houses with the green vegetable garden to the winding roads hidden behind the mountains, the pine trees put the lovely villas out of sight, the crystal water of Xuan Huong Lake located in the heart of Dalat, all of them are the signals of the harmony between people and pristine nature.

The last words,

Come to the outstanding city of Dalat to live slow, think different and love more. If you are in your Vietnam tour holiday, before leaving Dalat, you will hear “Thank you and see you again” instead of “Goodbye”. Dalat people do not say goodbye to visitors, they believe that we will come back in the near future. And, certainly, you and me, we will travel to Dalat once again!

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