The city of Ho Chi Minh, or Saigon in the past, is one of the biggest tourist hubs in the region. The scene of dozen skyscrapers blocking the skyline with millions of motorbikes roaming the busy streets would excite the first-timers.

The experience through our exclusive Vietnam travel itinerary is unique. Let’s find out all about the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh.


vietnam travel itinerary

The city of Ho Chi Minh might be well-known for its name of the most heroic son of Vietnam, but this metropolitan has been called as Saigon for centuries. The whole area of Saigon in the past was initially a desolate jungle with fierce animals.

It was not until the year of 1698 that General Nguyen Huu Canh, under the order of Nguyen Lord, came to the region and established Gia Dinh province. This land was a promising land for the immigrants and traders due to its location. From a far-off land, Saigon City was formed on the old Gia Dinh Province and gradually became the region’s largest commercial center.

After falling into the hands of the French colonial regime, the French quickly turned Saigon into the most developed urban area in Southeast Asia. With the development at that time, the name The Pearl of the Far East had spread like wildfire.

In later periods, Sai Gon has remained as the most developed city in Vietnam. Every year, millions of tourists enjoy the unique experience in this magnificent city via the Vietnam tour holidays.



The name “the Pearl of the Far East” was born to refer to Saigon as a Western city in remote Asia. At the peak of development, constructions with imposing French architecture quickly appeared on all roads.

vietnam travel itinerary

Although a massive number of colonial buildings were destroyed during the Vietnam War, visitors can still recognize the remaining traces of the golden age in the city. Rising like a phoenix in the middle of Saigon, The Notre Dame Cathedral is the most prominent attraction, which is considered as a symbol of the town. Standing right next to the church, the City’s Post Office remains as a testament of the old Saigon.


From your Day 1 of the Vietnam luxury holiday packages to Saigon, give yourself a moment to appreciate the massive size of this vibrant city. Perhaps you would need a decent city tour packages if you wish to explore the gems hiding underneath the skyscrapers. Indeed the fancy attractions like the Bitexco or the highest building of Vietnam – Landmark 81, won’t give you much of a feeling of the pearl of the far east. But the local guides know just what to do!

vietnam travel itinerary

Surely you would enjoy the trip to the Nguyen Hue Apartment No.42 included in the Vietnam travel itinerary. This ancient-looking complex is different from many other attractions in the city due to its appearance, but it is the headquarter of the youngsters. In the evening, all the cafe and bars light up their glow and deliver the good vibes.

If you are already fed up with the bustling streets and crowds, then the ride to Binh Quoi village will quickly release the stress. The village isn’t far from the center. Only 30 minutes driving, visitors are ready to immerse in the rustic beauty of the Vietnamese countryside.


It is not difficult to understand why a dynamic city like Saigon is always full of exciting night activities. But there is one interesting fact: the night experiences depend on where you are!

vietnam travel itinerary

The city center, District 1, is famous for its luxurious bars with non-stop playing music. And the District 4 is where you could join the locals for cheap drinking and street foods. Meanwhile, if you want to have a gentle space to enjoy the breeze, the area of Binh An or Thao Dien in District 2 is the ideal place.

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