Along the coast of Vietnam, there is a very different city. Not as crowded as Saigon and not as quiet as Hue, Hoi An represents an endless beauty of time.

Being selected as one of the 10 most attractive tourist cities in Asia (according to Smart Travel Asia), Hoi An converges all the elements to become a resort paradise. The city will take you from surprise to surprise. Let’s discover the top-rated experience of this exceptional town to bring home tons of sweet memories with Vietnam tour holidays.

Walking Around The Hoi An Ancient Town

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This may sound just like a normal trip but walking in this spectacular complex is a very special experience. If there is a road leading to the past in this world, then surely that road exists inside the old town of Hoi An.

During the day, you will enjoy the fresh and cool atmosphere of Hoi An within an exotic space. However, Hoi An is most beautiful at night when the sun makes room for the colorful lanterns. You will feel lost in a light party with incredible air flow.

Take A Bicycle Tour

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Unlike other bustling cities of Vietnam, Hoi An still retains its inherent tranquility. It would take you only about 5 minutes to reach the simple countryside of Hoi An. Sitting on a bicycle saddle is the best way to discover the beauty of this area.

What you will experience is to see the sun setting down on the rice paddies. Or enjoy the cool sea breeze blowing above the Cua Dai beach. Not only that, visitors can choose to stop by villages along the road to have some good vibes with the local people.

Blend Into The Cuisine Paradise

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Three tasty treats from Hoi An: fried wontons with tomato and pineapple salsa; fresh spring rolls filled with noodles, shrimp, and vegetables; and “white rose,” steamed shrimp dumplings garnished with fried shallots (made only in Hoi An).

Hoi An’s cuisine is a symbol, a pride of the people of Hoi An and the whole of Vietnam. With over 400 years of history, the locals have deftly crafted exceptional food from traditional and Chinese-inspired dishes.

Foods like Mi Quang or Cao Lau always top the list of dishes to try when coming to Hoi An. In addition, snacks that are sold on the sidewalk have a special appeal. The 50-cent Banh Mi or a glass of home-brewed beer will surely satisfy you and become a memorable Vietnam honeymoon tour.

Get To The Beach

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Beach Vacation in Hoi An is also a strength of this city. If you want to have a memorable honeymoon, you can stay at high-class resorts built along the beaches here.

Cua Dai beach is the most famous beach with cool water and incredibly safe for Vietnam holiday with kids. The best time to have a swim is in the early morning or late afternoon. Alternatively, guests can choose to take some water sports like parasailing, scuba diving or choose to play beach volleyball included in their Vietnam tour holidays.

From here, visitors can also catch a high-speed ferry to visit Cu Lao Cham Island. This is a pristine island and has a lot to explore. The most notable experience here is the scuba diving and fishing.

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