With an abundant culture and extended history, Vietnam is a nation of breathtaking monuments and fascinating festivals. According to recent statistics, this beautiful country is home to more than 8000 exceptional festivals held annually. These cultural events show not only the rich cultural life of the local people but also the national spirit of all Vietnamese people.

If you plan to travel to Indochina, don’t miss the following enchanting festivals during your Vietnam luxury family holidays.


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The City of World Heritage Sites, Hue, is not only famous for its monuments and monumental buildings but also well-known for several unique local festivals that take place year-round. Among the major events, the Hue Festival is the largest festival reaching an international level.

This grand festival is held every two years. This is a significant cultural event that aims to honor the heritage and cultural values of the region. In the framework of this celebration, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the ancient rituals and activities that were once happened under the Nguyen Dynasty.

Visitors will get closer to the local culture via major events such as the Royal Hue’s Essence, Nam Giao Offering Ritual, and the Thanh Toan Village Festival. Other spectacular performances include impressive street acts and music concerts.


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The highland city of Da Lat stands as a Tourism symbol of Vietnam. What are so special about Da Lat is the cool climate and unique flower species. That’s why the people here are very pleased of their Flower Festival.

This festival is held every 2 years at the most beautiful month of the year in Da Lat, December. The activity takes place to honor flower growers as well as introduce visitors to their precious flowers species.

During the event, you will encounter colorful flower parks around the city. Not just that, this festival is also extremely interesting with many art performances with the theme of Tay Nguyen culture. Tourists often choose to visit Da Lat in conjunction with attending the Flower Festival during their Vietnam luxury family holidays.


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As a country with an amazingly long coastline, Vietnam is endowed with precious gifts with endless white sand beaches and cool waters. Here in Nha Trang has one of the most shining beaches in the area and this is also the place to celebrate the Nha Trang Beach Festival.

This one of a kind event takes place every two years on Nha Trang beach with more than 50 attractive cultural, sports and tourism activities. When attending this event, visitors will have the opportunity to live in the festive atmosphere with locals and excellent street activities. Besides, games and sports on the beach will surely excite you and your loved ones during your Vietnam honeymoon packages.


The Huong Pagoda Festival is a big festival in Northern Vietnam which usually takes place from January to March of the third lunar month. This is an opportunity for millions of Buddhists from all over Vietnam to converge on this land to pay respect to their religion. On the days of the festival, visitors will enjoy seeing hundreds of boats heading towards the Huong Pagoda, creating a magical setting.

This event is also home to all the unique cultural activities of Vietnamese people such as boat racing, mountain climbing, and traditional art performance that can’t be found anywhere else in during your Vietnam luxury family holidays. Because the massive number of tourists coming to this destination, visitors are encouraged to travel in groups and purchase Vietnam customized tours.

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