When planning a trip to Vietnam, visitors can’t ignore the charming city of Hanoi. This capital city of Vietnam hides an extraordinary beauty. A beauty mix of peaceful, ancient and modern.

Hanoi is not only famous for its delicious dishes such as Pho or the friendliness of the people here, but also the city has many fascinating destinations. Let’s explore some of the highlights of this 1000-year-old city and Vietnam luxury tours in my article below.

Ho Guom – Sword Lake

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As a symbol of this 1,000-year-old city, Ho Guom (Sword Lake) always attracts a massive number of tourists every day. Located in the center of the city and close to the Old Quarter of Hanoi, this calm lake is also referred to as the heart of Hanoi.

The lake’s name is associated with the legend of King Le Thai To returning his sword to the Turtle after ending the war with China. And from that legend, Sword Lake also has a sacred image that is the turtle living in the lake.

Take a walk around Sword Lake early in the morning and you will feel like a genuine Hanoi. The gentle and peaceful atmosphere of the lake will is a real chicken soup for your soul.

Hanoi Old Quarter

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The best way to discover Hanoi’s daily life, as well as cultural classes, is by visiting Hanoi’s Old Quarter. The area is located right in the heart of the city so it is really convenient to travel back and forth.

Hanoi Old Quarter was established since the Ly – Tran Dynasty as an important trading center of the whole capital area. Nowadays, this notable area of Hanoi still remains as the busiest zone with a rare ancient atmosphere. Each street in the Old Quarter offers an exciting experience that takes you from surprise to surprise.

Temple of Literature

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In the list of famous architecture in Hanoi, there is a work representing the culture and education of Vietnam from the past. That is the Temple of Literature.

Also known as the first university in Vietnam, this complex was built to worship Confucius besides providing teaching services. Inside the Temple of Literature are many stone statues of turtles carrying stelaes on their backs. These stelae were made to honor the scholars who have attained the heights of previous tertiary examinations

Bat Trang Pottery Village

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Bat Trang is a pottery village located in the suburbs of Hanoi and was formed from the Le Dynasty. This is the most famous pottery village in Vietnam, as well as a must-try place for small group tours to Vietnam and Cambodia.

In addition to admiring the scenery of a typical Vietnamese village, visitors can also experience making hand-made ceramic products. In addition, the café and tea shop here also allows you to have a great view of the village from above.

One Pillar Pagoda

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Built in 1049, the One Pillar Pagoda is a symbol of Ha Noi besides the Sword Lake and Turtle Tower. Not only a spiritual destination of Vietnamese Buddhists, but this temple is also known for its unique architecture that can’t be missed for any Vietnam luxury tours.

In 2012, the Asian Record Organization set the record for this pagoda as the pagoda with the most unique architecture in Asia. The pagoda is built entirely of wood and is located on a small lotus pond. The unique feature is that there is only one altar inside the pagoda and it is sitting on top of a single pillar.

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