When the first rays of light are reflected off the glittering water of the Mekong river, it is time for local people in Phnom Penh to start a powerful new day.

At that moment, Phnom Penh seems like a glorious world which is waking up to a colorful life with daily exciting activities: the shops hang the sign “open” on the front door, the familiar streets are filled with the laughter of students, business people eat their breakfast and read a newspaper.

It is a unique rhythm of life you only can experience in Phnom Penh. Khmer culture shapes not only the famous tourist attractions but also the daily lives and routines of local people from generations to generations.

Are you ready to follow one-day Vietnam and Cambodia travel itinerary with us? Let’s go!

What to do in the morning

To kick off a busy day in Phnom Penh, you will need the helping of a wide variety of street food. A truly local breakfast includes rice, pickled vegetables and pork served with a fried egg (or more, if you want). Or, you can go in any restaurant you are interested in and sit down, and a bowl of fried noodle with egg concoction will appear in front of you.

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After eating time, go on a visit to Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocidal Crimes where you can meander through the serene atmosphere. It is essential to dig into a tragic part of Cambodia’s history – after 40 years, the mass genocide from 1975 to 1979 still remains engraved in the locals’ memory. You will hear the stories of the Khmer Rouge who survived one’s contemporaries, about how they killed innocent prisoners cruelly.

Where to go in the afternoon

To continue the heart-breaking past, Choeung-Ek Killing Fields is the next destination in our traveling around Vietnam and Cambodia. It is the site where thousands of Cambodian were killed and buried in the most horrific ways. Through this visit, you will stand in awe of Cambodian and this country which are in recovery.

To have a great lunch, I highly recommend Friends the Restaurant serving both traditional Cambodian dishes and international food.

vietnam and cambodia travel itinerary

In the afternoon, head out the street along the riverside and take time to explore Royal Palace and National Museum. Notice that Royal Palace is close at 4:0 p.m, so you should arrange your itinerary rationally. Besides the Khmer ceramics, artworks or ethnographic objects you contemplate in the museum, the gathering sights of local people outside Royal Palace will bring peace to your mind. Children play and ride their bicycle around the street, some people talk to each other or feed the pigeons.

End up a day in Phnom Penh

vietnam and cambodia travel itinerary

Sunset dinner cruise on the Mekong River is the last gift Phnom Penh gives to you. When the sun sets over this land, the water turns gold, the gentle lapping of the river water drift off, and it seems like there are no any boundary between real and imaginary.
To top off your day, it is time to discover the Central Market – one of the iconic buildings in this city. You will be overwhelmingly impressive by the astonishing number of products, from the souvenirs, clothing to ready-made dishes and fresh meat.

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The Last Words,

Phnom Penh might not be a bustling and crowded city, more properly, it looks like a friendly neighborhood. Local people here welcome you as a visitor as well as a friend. Their simple smiles and the way they live peacefully can spread the love.

I hope that our Vietnam and Cambodia travel itinerary is helpful to you. Are you willing to be the next visitor to explore your own Phnom Penh and the attractive Khmer culture

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