Being the most significant economic, cultural and transport center in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City impresses visitors with its lively life. For a long time, this splendid city has been called the Pearl of the Far East, and it has never made visitors feel disappointed during their private tours to Vietnam.

The number of tourist destinations and activities in Ho Chi Minh City is so many that it can make us feel dizzy. If you do not know the next destination in your Vietnam travel itinerary when you arrive in Ho Chi Minh, read on to the experience below.



Surely we all have heard about the brilliant victory among Vietnamese farmers against the US forces over 50 years ago. Many years have passed but the legend of a heroic fighting period of Ho Chi Minh City’s people is still circulated. Cu Chi Tunnel is a masterpiece of Vietnamese soldiers and that’s why it is listed as one of the most favorite attractions in the Vietnam tour itinerary.

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For American soldiers at that time, this tunnel was a real nightmare. This underground base has a total length of about 200 km and can withstand fierce rains of bombs. The Tunnels has many secret entrances, but not all of them are safe!

The system here is set up with a series of deadly traps that automatically activate if someone enters. Besides, the defense system of the tunnels is also equipped with many dark holes with ambushes ready to attack when detecting intruders.

Nowadays, we can no longer hear the sounds of guns and exploding bomb in Cu Chi. What remains is the proof of patriotism and the bravery of the Vietnamese people.


The cuisine is an integral part of any tour. And in a city with a strong cultural interference like in Ho Chi Minh City, you cannot ignore the fascinating dishes here.

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For locals, cuisine streets in District 4 are the place they think about if they don’t want to cook at home. As for the curious tourists, this is the real paradise offering real treats for their Vietnam luxury tours.

For a long time, District 4 is famous for having a variety of street food with vendors sitting next to each other. Try visiting the roads like Ton Dan or Xom Chieu to enjoy all authentic dishes at extremely affordable prices. What is special about these two streets is it does not only provide a great menu of Vietnamese, but you can also order some Chinese dishes as well. Plus, the sellers are quite friendly so don’t be shy if you want to ask about the secret recipes!


After a tiring day of sightseeing with your private tours to Vietnam, perhaps now you are looking for an entertaining space to recover. Go to the street to walk Nguyen Hue, and you will feel more energized.

private tours to vietnamIt is quite interesting that this walking route has only been established since 2015 and has quickly become a trendy destination ever since. Every day, hundreds of thousands of visitors and locals come here for entertainment. Looking down from above, the whole road is filled with laughter and bright neon lights forming a brilliant atmosphere. Nguyen Hue Street not only stands out with beautiful decorative items arranged along the route. There is a unique musical performance system combined with extremely impressive laser lights.

If you want to find a quieter space, go to the building No.42 in Nguyen Hue street. This old apartment complex has a deceiving appearance of the retro style. But the complex is home to a dozen restaurants and bars which are ready to serve guests at any time!

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