In the past few years, South East Asia tours are being sold like hotcakes thanks to the low cost, beautiful yet natural landscapes, and tons of delicacies. Among all of them, Indochina tour packages are the ones that receive the most attention. If you’re wondering which destinations are in the best tours of Indochina, then take a look at five incredible hidden gems of Indochina below!

Sapa (Vietnam)

When mentioning North Vietnam vacation packages, most people will think of Sapa as the most beautiful destination. Indeed. Located near the frontier of Vietnam, Sapa stands out with the majestic scenery, gorgeous natural landscapes, and the laborious beauty of locals.

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Come to Sapa, and you’ll have a chance to witness towering ranges of mountains, gentle rivers meandering through the high-walled cliffs, the golden vast terraced fields. Standing out among the scenery of the great nature are the images of hard-working mothers with their children sleeping on their shoulders, the leisurely buffaloes with small children frolicked on their broad and patient backs, the small yet cozy houses. The scenery is incredibly peaceful as locals live in harmony with nature.

Moreover, the weather here is undoubtedly a plus: it’s cool and incredibly refreshing. If you’re living in a big city where the air is so polluted, coming to SaPa will be a treat.

Cu Chi Tunnels (Vietnam)

Known as a famous historical destination, visiting Cu Chi Tunnels will be a unique and memorable experience.

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Situated 3 to 8 meters underneath the ground, the total length of this underground tunnels is about 250 kilometers with the height of a crouched person. The first shelter is located near the edge of the forest with a system of groundwater wells providing water for the whole area. Cu Chi Tunnels is divided into three floors with the ability to resist the shells and tanks of the enemies. The tunnels are also camouflaged carefully as if they are mounds.

Don’t miss Cu Chi Tunnels when traveling to Vietnam, and you’ll surely admire the unbending will of soldiers back to the old days. This destination is also the living witness of the dreadful aftermath of the war as it was the place where tons of people have sacrificed their lives for the independence of their countries.

Siem Reap (Cambodia)

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Known as one of the ideal destinations in Cambodia, Siem Reap is definitely where you should visit once in your life. Situated next to the emerald rivers, Siem Reap nestles in the ranges of magnificent mountains. Coming here, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful nature, but they can also contemplate the imprints of the imperial Khmer dynasty, the images of modern Cambodia, and the futures of this gorgeous country.

Coming to Siem Reap, definitely, you must visit the complex of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. These destinations will bring you to a spiritual world, the heaven of mysteries of an ancient civilization.

Wat Xieng Thong (Laos)

Recognized as one of the most sacred destinations in Laos, Wat Xieng Thong is the oldest pagoda of this country. Located in the imperial Luang Prabang city, this destination has an essential mission of preserving ancient vestiges, the religious spirit, the royal remainings, and the traditional arts of Laos.

Ban Xang Hai (Laos)

Known as the Whiskey Village, Ban Xang Hai sits on the bank of Mekong River. For such a long time, the name of this destination has been associated with their great homemade alcohol.

Different from the bustling tourist cities, coming here is the best way to experience a rustic and austere life. Visiting Ban Xang Hai in your Laos tours gives us an opportunity to witness the daily activities in a village as well as participating in the whiskey making process. Moreover, you will receive a warm welcome from friendly locals here, too.

In closing,

Above are five incredible hidden gems of Indochina. How gorgeous they are! Besides the destination above, there are a lot of tourist attractions listed in different travel packages that could blow your mind away. With a unique and diverse beauty of natural landscapes, it’s no wonder that Indochina tour packages have been so hot lately. So, what are you still waiting for? A tour to Indochina in your next vacation will be an ideal option!

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