The beaches in Vietnam are still hiding many beautiful that little people know. This S-shaped country with more than 3000 km long coastline welcomes you with shiny beaches, golden sand and cool sea breezes. Whether your purpose in going to Vietnam is to relax or explore the ocean world, the beaches here will make you feel overwhelmed.

This complete list of stunning beaches in the golden coast of Vietnam will show you the best places for your Vietnam beach vacation packages.

Mui Ne

vietnam beach vacation packages

Not so long ago, Mui Ne was just a coastal fishing village. Today, this tranquil land has become a significant resort center in Indochina. With several luxury resorts and other high-end facilities, Mui Ne is genuinely a delight resort destination for international travelers.

Although emerging as a modern vacation place, Mui Ne still retains its tranquil and gentle atmosphere. Just a 5-minute walk along the coastline you can find a quiet corner and enjoy this magical space which is perfect for a Vietnam honeymoon package.
Besides, Mui Ne is also an attractive destination for those who love water sports. Favorite sports in the beaches of Mui Ne are surfing, parasailing and scuba diving.

Cua Dai Beach – Hoi An

vietnam beach vacation packages

Approximately 5 km east of Hoi An Ancient Town and 30 km south of Da Nang, Cua Dai is a major beach destination in the Central of Vietnam. The great impression of this typical beach is its endless smooth white sand beach.

Along the shore are high-end resorts with many styles that provide a wide range of convenient accommodation. The air in Cua Dai is perfectly fresh and gentle creating a sense of relaxation, comfort for visitors.

You can start a new day by admiring the sunshine going up at the window or choosing to be with your loved ones cycling in the coastal paddy fields. The afternoon is the best time to jump to the calm sea. The water in Cua Dai is amazingly gentle which promises a great relaxation experience.

Nha Trang

vietnam beach vacation packages

When  planning a trip to Vietnam, don’t miss Nha Trang. This famous coastal city is considered as a jewel of Vietnam with Nha Trang Bay being named one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Along the coastline, visitors can easily reach many sun-filled beaches in Nha Trang.

Not only the clean beach, blue water but Nha Trang beaches also offer fresh air with the cool sea breeze. If swimming is not enough for you, you can spend a day exploring the coral scattered in Nha Trang Bay.

The Cu Lao Cham Island

vietnam beach vacation packages

Off the coast of Hoi An, there is a sleeping island. Cu Lao Cham is a pristine island and has not been exploited much for tourism. So this place quickly appeared in the famous travel magazines and ranked on the top of Vietnam beach vacation packages.

To reach this beautiful island, tourists can take a high-speed ferry from Hoi An City, and the trip takes only about 30 minutes. The emerald water of Cu Lao Cham is crystal clear, and you can even see the seafloor. The best thing to come to Cu Lao Cham is the scuba diving trip exploring the beautiful coral reefs. Besides, local cuisine with seafood dishes will surely make you happy.

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