Whether the purpose of your visit to Vietnam is to enjoy the Vietnam family holidays or to explore the impressive tourist destinations in this beautiful country, don’t’ miss the famous food of Vietnam.

Vietnam has long been considered to have a prominent cuisine culture on the Asian map. The distinctive taste of Vietnamese cuisine reflects the culture of Vietnamese people living in different regions. In other words, discovering Vietnamese cuisine is also a way to get you closer to Vietnamese culture.

Let us also explore the culinary elite of Vietnam through the special dishes below.


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When you come to the “Nam,” the first dish that you have to try is the legendary soup of Pho. This famous dish has been present in all parts of the world and has become a symbol of Vietnamese cuisine.

Pho is a very delicate dish, and its flavor varies depending on the different regions in Vietnam. The best place to have a bowl of Pho is in Hanoi and Nam Dinh. Hanoi is probably the most familiar destination for visitors to enjoy this dish.

The most important thing to make the noodles stand out is the soup. Noodle soup is made from bone rather than mono-sodium glutamate, creating a unique flavor. Guests can enjoy noodles with meat such as beef and chicken. Besides, you can also find a few shops serving attractive vegan Pho around Hanoi during your Vietnam tour holidays.


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From 2018 onwards, the whole world will know about the Vietnamese Banh Mi when Miss Universe Vietnam – H’ Hen Nie proudly wears her national costume made from Banh Mi. In fact, this fantastic food has created a fever around the world in recent years.

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According to a reputable Australia’s travel website, Banh Mi is ranked among the ten most popular dishes by travelers. Surprisingly, Banh Mi is not a fancy dish served in luxury restaurants. This favorite dish is sold on all streets and markets in Vietnam. The cost of a Banh Mi is only between 10,000 and 20,000 VND, making it a favorite meal for both locals and tourists alike.


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Goi Cuon is one of the most favorite meal tourists love to have when travelling to Vietnam. Translated as Spring Rolls, Goi Cuon is a combination of fresh vegetables, pork or shrimp and noodles. The spring rolls are popular all over Vietnamese regions so you can try this everywhere you go. It is served usually on a street food vendor as where it should be.


Translated as beef noodle soup, Bun Bo Hue is a famous dish of this World Heritage City. The Asian Book of Records has included this wonderful dish to the list of Top 100 Asian delicacies.

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Bun Bo Hue is a characteristic dish of Hue, not only tourists coming to Hue during their Vietnam holiday tours packages enjoy this flavor, but local people also choose Bun Bo every morning to start a new day.

Bun Bo Hue must be accompanied by fresh vegetables, a little chili sauce, and addition of fish sauce. All mixed to create an ethereal and exceptional flavor. Hue is the only city serves this typical food (in an authentic way) thanks to the special spices used by locals.

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