Vietnam and Cambodia nowadays have become two of the most favorite tourist destinations in South East Asia owing to beautiful landscapes as well as friendly locals, delicious food, and extremely affordable price.

If you’re planning to spend your vacation in these areas, then this article will provide you useful tips on traveling around Vietnam and Cambodia for 2 weeks with a detailed itinerary and a reasonable budget.

The best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia

Since Vietnam and Cambodia are both in a tropical and temperate zone, these countries are often pretty hot and humid for most time of the year. Therefore, the best time to organize tours in Vietnam and Cambodia is from November to April.

During this period, the temperature is quite stable while the humidity just starts to appear in the northern and central regions of Vietnam. Also, the frequency of rainfall at this time of the year is also much lower in both countries.

Some travel tips in Vietnam and Cambodia

1. How do you plan a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam for 2 weeks of traveling?

First, make a list of destinations you want to visit. Here are some recommended places while traveling around Vietnam and Cambodia:

  • Hanoi (Vietnam): It is the capital of Vietnam. This city has an ancient and nostalgic beauty with the taciturn Pho Co, and a lot of historical sites.

  • Halong Bay (Vietnam): Recognized as a World Heritage, Halong Bay is a famous name appeared in every travel books when mentioning Vietnam. Having extremely diverse landscapes and original beauty, it is a must-visited destination when coming to Vietnam.
  • Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam): Known as the main financial center of Vietnam, coming to Ho Chi Minh City will be a great chance for travelers to explore the bustling and dynamic vibe.
  • Siem Reap (Cambodia): Located next to the famous Angkor temple complex, Siem Reap is an ideal stop-off of historical ventures and eventful nightlife.
  • Angkor Wat (Cambodia): Stunning and magnificent are two adjectives used to describe this destination. Known as a famous complex of religious monuments, Angkor Wat is a money-magnet attraction of Cambodia.

trip to vietnam and cambodia

  • Phnom Penh (Cambodia): It is the capital of Cambodia. Coming to Phnom Penh, visitors can explore this country with a closer look into its history, economic, and tradition.

2. Preparing Tip

Although November-April is an ideal time to visit these countries, the overall price in this period also rises higher. A tip for you is to plan the itinerary carefully and reserve the accommodation as soon as possible. The busiest tourist season usually begins from late January or early February when Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday occurs; therefore, hotels/resorts are often out of vacant.

3. Pricing Tips

When mentioning traveling, most people will think it’s expensive. But with these tips below, you’ll no longer deal with the price issue anymore. In fact, the budget in Vietnam and Cambodia is low, but you can still have a more economical trip while enjoying the local wonders. A note is that traveling to Vietnam, the primary currency is VND, while in Cambodia, USD is more common for visitors.

  • Try street food. In both Vietnam and Cambodia, street food is cheap yet delicious. It’ll only cost you 60,000 VND or $1-$2 for a meal.

traveling around vietnam and cambodia

  • Rent a motorbike (in Vietnam) or a bike (in Cambodia). Traveling often leaves us with limitations on vehicles. But in these countries, you may rent a vehicle to explore the city on your own without paying a lot of fees on cabs.
  • Negotiate while buying souvenirs. Most of the time, the vendors will hand you a calculator to ask for your desired price. Be wise!

In closing,

This article has come to an end now. Above are all the tips you need to know when traveling around Vietnam and Cambodia. These countries are incredible, and you can visit them at a reasonable price with all the useful tips above.

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